The Group’s history Ferrari Eugenio

begins with the sound of an old Lancia Esatau.



Where it all started

The Group’s history Ferrari Eugenio begins with the sound of an old Lancia Esatau. It was 1960, Italy began its economic development, and, driving his first truck a caisson, Eugenio collects and revives the old tradition of family transportation. His father and grandfather had been “horsemen”, tireless carriers of firewood and vegetables from the countryside to cities with horse-drawn carriages.



The first trucks

Eugenio founded Ferrari Eugenio Transportation and transforms from mono-track company in a small business with 5 vehicles.
Even from the early 70s become operational the first ebonite tankers for transporting chlorine derivatives.
An investment originated by the proximity Electrochemistry sulphides Tavazzano, which leads the company the leading position in Italy in the field of transport by Ebonite tanker.



The years of development

The development of the company is constant even in the 80s thanks to a progressive investment in human and technical resources, which favour the extension assets to other areas of chemistry with the introduction of new tanks and truck in the vehicle fleet.
In the second half of the 80s, with the input in the company of the Eugenio’s sons: Maurizio and Donante, The business activity has a new and significant boost, thanks to the commissioning of tanks insulated for temperature-controlled, able to respond to the needs of multinational companies in the chemical sector.



The intermodal transport

In the 90s the company develop intermodal transport, providing regular transport using the intermodal terminal site in Tavazzano to carry out transport to and from major European destinations.
The fleet was also expanded and the company buy tank container and semi-trailers in order to be able to operate in all phases of the transport process with intermodal mode.



Certifications: the first of a long series

Always attentive to the issues of corporate quality, our group has been certified since 1993, and is one of the first companies in Italy to be certified UNI-EN-ISO, as demonstrated by our certification number 74.
Our company can now boast Certifications UNI-EN-ISO 9001-2008, and SQAS.
We also have the qualifications for the transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste



Logistics service

In the 2000s the company, taking advantage of the proximity to the Milan area, diversifies the activity realizing buildings for logistics, and entering in a new market segment, ensuring a high flexibility and punctuality.
Today our warehouses shall provide logistics and storage services.



Eugenio Ferrari today

Today the group Eugenio Ferrari is placed in a leading position in the transportation of goods and non-hazardous chemicals.
Our company owns a synergy of expertise and integrated services that allow us to do what customer needs and respond to future competitive scenarios in which we will have to operate.