Company Profile

Eugenio Ferrari

Today the group Eugenio Ferrari is placed in a leading position in the transport of chemicals liquid products.

La nostra sede


How we operate

Our company owns a know-how and integrated services to meet the specific needs of customers and reply to future changes in the market in which we operate.


Our mission

The Eugenio Ferrari Transport company operates on the market by providing logistics transport solutions for the customer satisfaction for national and international transport of liquid chemicals, under the ADR and not, with tanker trailer and tank-containers.


Our Team

One of the postulates of our company is to believe in the people. so our staff is at the heart of our company and is formed continuously and periodically with the ultimate target to offer the best service to customers.

Everything begins from here


Our history began with the rumble of Eugenio Ferrari’s old Lancia Esatau. The year was 1960 and Italy was on the verge of reaping the fruits of its remarkable economic revival. Eugenio decided to respect and renew a venerable family tradition: “the transportation of merchandise”.



Always careful to the issues of quality certified company , our group is certificated since 1993, and our company have today the UNI -EN-ISO 9001-2008 , IQ -NET and SQAS certifications.

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We have the best solution for the transport of chemicals, hazardous waste liquids or toxic gas