Today the group Eugenio Ferrari is placed in a leading position
in the transport of chemicals products.

Our Services

Transport of liquid chemicals and ADR

The Eugenio Ferrari Transport company operates on the market by providing logistics transport solutions for national and international transport of liquid chemicals, under the ADR and not, with tanker trailer and tank-containers.

Intermodal transport

Thanks to our proximity to the major rail terminals, we are able to operate in the intermodal transport. Therefore, we extended the range of our services to the major European destinations. Our fleet is also composed by vehicles, with testing RINA, equipped for naval boarding by semi-trailers or tank containers.

Waste transport

We provide collection and transportation of liquid waste dangerous and not. We are regularly registered at the “Albo nazionale Gestori Ambientali” (categories 4C and 5 F) and we usually use the SISTRI.

Lodi Lavaggi

The Group Eugenio Ferrari owns a washing centre, modern and avant-garde that offers services for cleaning vehicles and cleaning of the tanks. Our washing canter is certified and we are able to emit the ECD.

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Company Profile

The Eugenio Ferrari group operates from the 60’s in the transport of chemicals goods under ADR and not. Thanks to the professional experience and proven over decades and management increasingly dynamic and forward-looking Ferrari Eugenio transport now ranks as a premier company in the industry.
In order to offer a diversified and increasingly service attentive to the needs of our customers, we can ensure transportation of products with special requirements, such as waste and chlorine, a certificate washing center, the ability to take advantage of our deposits, and intermodal transportation services with semitrailers in ADR.

Fleet vehicles


Stainless steel tanker trailers insulated with single and multi-compartment

Ebonized semitrailers mono and multi-compartment

Hard rubber trailers single and multi-compartment

Truck tractors tank-containers


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